Millennium ICT Institute (MICTI)

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MICTI will be registered as a Society with the mission to develop the ICT field of the country. It will be a not for profit ICT educational institute, first of its kind in Bangladesh. It is sponsored by the Bangladesh Learning Foundation, a Trust headed by Professor Aminul Islam, Founder Vice Chancellor of Bangladesh Open University (BOU).

In the era of globalization, the need for a thorough understanding and experience of IT skill is a pre-requisite for surviving in the competitive world. Therefore, there is now a wide demand for courses which provide quality training and development of such skills amongst learners in higher education and fresh graduates. This acute need has been identified by The Bangladesh Learning Foundation (BLF) and thus the strategy for MICTI's developing education program is designed in a way so as to create skilled manpower which will soon resemble a pyramid whereby there will be a large base at the bottom with high quality at the top leadership in this science guiding discipline. MICTI recognizes the need to develop this base in order to ensure the very best at the top.

MICTI intends to train professionals and those employed within the management of businesses, offices, factories, etc and provide them with the requisite grounding that would enable them to develop and acquire the skills required to be leaders. MICTI would also like to recruit a core group of instructors who will be able to train and guide the learners. MICTI will provide an interactive learning process for trainers and trainees, using the internet as a vehicle for accessing information and knowledge which they can apply to their respective trades and profession. As a result MICTI will impart training whereby information can be transferred into knowledge for excelling in a knowledge based economy.

As a non-profitable organization MICTI will help both the young learners and professionals from different backgrounds to develop connectivity with various disciplines especially English and IT based knowledge. It will also help update families with the latest technology, equipments, and ideas in a world where knowledge dominates the social and economic forces. It will further help IT professionals become experts in the increasingly specialized and fast-changing arena of IT. It will assist organizations to increase their effectiveness through the development of skills that enables the implementation of new strategies, tools and technologies.

The mission of MICTI is to produce highly skilled, service oriented visionary leaders. This mission will be achieved by imparting high quality education and training so that individuals can achieve their intellectual, social and personal potentials. MICTI is committed to developing skilled human capital by sharpening and developing the creative thinking of the human mind and complimenting it with the knowledge and understanding of IT and English.

In addition, MICTI will develop customized company programs, which will offer a wide range of public courses in this direction sharing a common vision for the future.

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