Law and Society Trust of Bangladesh (LSTB)

The organisation was set up in 1997 with a goal to uphold the fundamental human rights for establishing peace, security, justice and development in the society. The objective of the organisation is to promote study, research and help formulating policy recommendation for reform along with the programme and recommendation for building

  • Legal and institutional infrastructure necessary for facilitating a sustainable development.
  • Support in developing the institutional facilities necessary for strengthening constitutional governance, democracy, rule of law and human rights.
  • Offer facilities and training for conciliation, mediation and arbitration to organizations, companies and individuals.
  • Organize lecture courses, training, workshops of professionals, lawyers, development workers, human rights activist and people in general.
  • Introduce human resources development and capacity building programmes.
  • Coordinate among Government departments, NGOs, Civil Society and private sector for bridging the gap to reach the above objectives.

LSTB adopts non-directive, bottom-up and people’s participatory development approach and working strategies in implementing its program. The staff of LSTB act as facilitator to ensure people’s active and conscious participation in development process. LSTB aspires for a Society free from starvation, oppression, exploitation and justices where every individual will be able to live in peace and harmony by enjoying their rightful share of the resources belonging to the society. It also stresses to augment human dignity, social justice, democratisation of the society and fraternity in the process of development initiative.

In fulfilling its objective to continuously support legal education LSTB has conducted research on judicial safe custody and also on the practice of illegal detention and inhuman and degrading treatment in collaboration with its partner Trust, Dhaka, Bangladesh (2002). LSTB frequently arranges for legal aid and fund for victims of social wrongs. Further by comprehensive collaboration LSTB effectively collaborates with its partners Health Organization (WHO) American Cancer Society, USA.

LSTB is also an active campaigner in the Anti-Tobacco movement to works to create awareness of the hazards of tobacco. LSTB also intends to influence policy makers on effective means of tobacco control, and the health hazards causing more detriment to the public and country in general. LSTB works to mobilise civil society, motivate media, and create a forum to make tobacco free Bangladesh.


Executive Director : Tania Amir

Contact Persion:
Programme Director

Sheikh Rafiqul Islam
Supreme Court of Bangladesh

Sultana Nasrin

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